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Time saving features of cloud accounting software

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  • Do you want to regain time and simplify your business by automating day to day processes ?
  • Do you want to take the hassle out of ATO compliance ?
  • Do you want to simplify bank reconciliation

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Some of the benefits of cloud account include :

  • East of Access

    You can raise invoices anywhere, including when you are with the client using a mobile device

  • Optimise Workflow

    Have a spare minute or a quick coffee break ? Reconcile your bank accounts and keep on top of your finances and cash flow

  • Collaboration

    work together with your accountant / bookkeeper without having to be in the same place. You can both view and edit the same file in real time or you can leave notes for discussion next to transactions for your bookkeeper. No more issues with version control or maintaining offsite backups. You can see how this works in This video

  • Real Time Information

    Utilising bank feeds means you always know how much money is in your accounts. No more data entry either – simply code the transactions to the correct account or create bank rules to do the coding for you.

How much time do you spend entering your bills into your software or worse into a spreadsheet? Using cloud based software like Receipt Bank, your bills can be automated so the information from your bills is sent directly to your accounting software – no data entry.

No more lost receipts! It is as simple as taking a photo or sending an email!Shelly

As a bonus, a copy of the bill is also stored in your software attached to the entry. No more lost receipts! It is as simple as taking a photo or sending an email!

Use of these types of time-saving features will not only save you time, but also your accountant / bookkeeper as they no longer have to chase you for copies of bills.

Do you struggle to know what bills are due or what invoices need to be paid?

Using online software, it is easy – simply run the appropriate report and view the results. Now you can keep track of outstanding payments and send follow up emails or statements to your client at the click of button.

Need a payment system that integrates into your accounting software ?

There are several to choose from allowing your clients to pay you by simply clicking a link on your invoices. Options include Paypal, Ezidebit and Eway but there are many others that may suit your needs too. Shellys Bookkeeping can help you setup payment systems that integrate with your cloud bookkeeping software.

Need Help ?

Shelly's Bookkeeping can show you how to integrate any of these packages and more into your business.

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