It’s the end of another BAS period and you have not had the time to do anything with your bank statements, invoices or expenses. Your bookkeeping is months behind. With a heavy heart, you are trying to get the motivation to do something with that box full of paperwork.  You are wondering…… Where do I start?
Do not stress yet!

Our  Bookkeeping Rescue Services can help get your accounts back on track

If you are experiencing any of the following, contact us now

  • paperwork has taken over your office
  • you stay awake at night worrying
  • you’re fearful the ATO is going to penalise you
  • you have no idea how much GST you owe
  • your payroll records are a mess and superannuation is unpaid

Shellys Bookkeeping have the knowledge and skills to help you sort through the mess.

We can turn any catastrophe, confusion or stressful pile of paper into an accounting piece of art!

Some of the bookkeeping problems we will address are:

  • bank accounts that don’t reconcile
  • old transactions that haven’t been claimed
  • Trade Debtors or Trade Creditors don’t balance – for example paid bills still shown as unpaid
  • Incorrectly lodged BAS or BAS not lodged
  • Incorrect Payroll settings – pay slips showing wrong leave balances, superannuation contributions, incorrect tax tables

As a result

  • you may be paying the wrong GST, Tax and superannuation amounts
  • ATO fines and interest may add up
  • business decisions based on wrong figures can have costly implications

At Shellys Bookkeeping we put you back in control by:

  • Prepaid blocks of time, you control the workload and spending. We will consult with you throughout the process.
  • At our initial FREE consultation we will perform a “Health Check” of your accounting software. This process allows us to see where there are problems. We can then discuss what needs to be completed to fix them.
  • Our team will work closely with you and YOUR accountant.


Contact Shellys Bookkeeping today for a free consultation and start your journey to a well managed business with reliable financial information