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Optimising Customer Management with Vend Point Of Sale

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If you are the owner of a busy restaurant, you would know how difficult it is to manage your tables. A wrong ticket can trigger a domino effect and can result in a bad experience for your customers. It is always better to have an automated system that will help you assign a table name/number to a customer and add them to the sale.

Vend  is one of Australia’s most popular Point of Sale Systems (POS)  and offers the maximum functionality amongst all Point-Of-Sale software. Importantly Its fast, user friendly, flexible and easily configurable for whatever type of retail business you run.

Key customer management capabilities of Vend:


  • Link your sales to the account of the customer – All you have to do is type the name of the customer into the corresponding field in the sale screen. The name will appear and you can click on it to open a separate window where you can enter the information you want to.
  • Multi-Printer printing – print your sales to different printers – perfect for sending orders to the kitchen or barista separately
  • Quick Keys are a convenient option for popular items. Easily setup product variants  to easily manage different sizes or flavours/ ingredients.
  • Tracking your sales – Vend offers consolidated information on all the purchases made by customers at the bottom of their respective pages. You can also check out the outstanding balance at the top of the page. This makes it easy for you to keep a tab on bulk orders for which the payment is yet to be made.
  • Reporting – You can also get detailed reports on product sales. Additionally, you can export all the information on your sales history. This will give you detailed information on customer purchases as well as let you optimize your special offers based on time of sale, traffic patterns and a whole lot more.
  • Additional capabilities – The software also comes with an API for when you want to link the customer data and sales to your accounting software (e.g Xero or Quickbooks), Deputy for staff scheduling or  a CRM database. This will make it easy for you to transition to the new software over time without having to do everything all at once.

Want to spend less time organising your transactions and inventory and more time focusing on your customers?

Shellys Bookkeeping loves to streamline businesses, and can assist with integrating a Vend  POS solution into your business  allowing you time to focus on your customers. We provide business solutions to cafes and restaurants in and around the Brisbane suburbs of  Coorparoo, Cannon Hill, Stones Corner and Carindale.


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