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Cloud Accounting Software – What is it ?

Recently the trend has been for accounting software (and software in general) to be utilised as a service from the internet also known as “The Cloud” rather than having locally installed software.
In the industry three of the big players of cloud accounting software are Xero,  MYOB and Quickbooks.

Recent industry data shows that 50% of small to and medium businesses are looking to move to a cloud based accounting solution.

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So why would you move your business financial accounting to the cloud?

There are a number of advantages in utilising bookkeeping software in the cloud.

  • Security – Your information is stored securely on a server in a professionally managed datacentre
  • Accessibility – Your accountant and bookkeeper can access your data from any location with an internet connection
  • Cost – No need to purchase expensive software and upgrade it every few years
  • Disaster Recovery – No need to worry if your office is inaccessible (fire flood etc) or if your accounts PC fails
  • Data protection  – All data is automatically backed up with enterprise grade backups, you never have to worry about forgetting to run a backup again.
  • Device independent – You can access your accounts via PC, MAC, Ipad etc
  • No need to update your accounting software manually
  • Integration – In the cloud means that integration with other apps, bank feeds etc is simple.

Shelly’s Bookkeeping is fully qualified in all of the major cloud accounting software packages.

Want to move from your existing accounting system  to an online system ?  We are  experts in  extracting data from your  existing accounting system  and migrating it into a modern cloud accounting solution.
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