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Choosing an Accounting Software Package?

Running a business is never easy and if your business is growing you don’t have endless amounts of time for checking your finances. Here are some important questions to consider when deciding which accounting software to use for your business:


Do you think its important that you know the bank balance in all your bank accounts?
Is my data secure ?
Can my accountant, my bookkeeper and myself see my accounts in real time  ?
Does your desktop or spreadsheet provide you the above information?
How much time every month does it take to do bank reconciliations?
How many times a month do you have your client say “I didn’t get your invoice”?
Does your accountant or bookkeeper ask you for documents like receipts, invoices, agreements?
How long does it take you to process all your superannuation payments?
Do I have the time to perform data entry ?
Can my accountant or  bookkeeper access my data from anywhere ?
Do I have time to learn an accounting package like MYOB, Xero  or Quickbooks  ?


Shelly’s bookkeeping can answer all these accounting software questions and more allowing you to make an informed choice of which  accounting software package is right for your business.

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