workflowmax job management software

WorkflowMax Job Management Software

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What is WorkFlowMax ?

WorkflowMax is a cloud based job management software to empower businesses.
Are you struggling to manage workflow.
Manual timesheets and quoting taking too long?
Not sure if a job is profitable?

Then WorkflowMax may be the tool you need.

WorkflowMax has been designed to suit project based businesses, and makes it easy to capture leads, track time, create quotes, purchase orders and invoices. With extensive reporting options that can be customised to suit your business needs.
WorkflowMax is just one of the many Xero add-ons that are available and integrates seamlessly into Xero to sync invoices, purchase orders and payments – providing a total business solution.

Who is WorkflowMax for ?

If your business is project based and invoices by time or costs than WorkflowMax may suit you. WorkflowMax has been designed with the following industries in mind:

  • Advertising, Design Agencies, Branding
  • Architects, Engineers, Builders, Business Consultants, Lawyers, Surveyors
  • IT consultants, web developers, software developers

WorkflowMax may not be the best system for trade businesses who perform multiple jobs a day. Other Add-ons are available that have been built to suit the needs of these businesses.

Your Business Problem !

Features That solve it

  • Quotes are guesswork
  • Expenses are not instantly tracked against jobs
  • Double entry of data into accounting system and job management software
Job Costing
  • Purchase order data is entered by admin staff
  • Double entry of data, wasted time on admin
  • Difficulty providing accurate job costing
Purchase Order
  • Timesheets are collated and manually entered into accounting software
  • Time consuming process to prepare invoices at end of month
  • Lack of real time data
  • Inflexible reporting options
  • No visibility around profitability of staff, projects or clients
  • No integration with accounting software
  • Double entry of timesheets and expenses data
  • Double entry of purchase orders
  • No real-time view of accounts
Xero Intergration

WorkflowMax has tools to assist you with various stages of your business from starting a new project, managing existing projects or growing your business through integrated invoicing and reporting. The following table highlights some of the tools within WorkflowMax to assist your business.

Start a project
Tools to Manage projects
grow your business

Track your leads, sales pipeline and proposals in one place.

Create professional quotes and link them to your jobs. Control your price and markup percentage, easily view the job profitability.

Instantly see how long a job has taken and who did it, no need to enter timesheets manually.

See job profitability at a glance, easily keep track of job costs.

Store important documents in a job – find them quickly when needed.

Custom fields can be used for jobs, client and leads. Add to your reports, and view your data your way.

See all your jobs on one screen, view deadlines, staff or % job completion.

Share notes and email with your team and clients, and store emails with a job.

Bulk purchase orders – order and track multiple jobs on one purchase order. Add them to your invoices with one click.

You control the detail on your invoices. From simple to highly detailed invoices, WorkflowMax will handle it all. Calculate your invoice with multiple methods.

Create custom fields to suit your business, add these to your custom reports.

xero-accounting-software2Xero Integration
Invoices, purchase orders are pushed into Xero. Payments in Xero are synced with WorkflowMax

Need Help ?

Shelly's Bookkeeping can show you how to integrate workflow max and more into your business.

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